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You ran.
You couldn't stop running.
"Get back here, right now!"
"No! You're going to kill me!"
"That will be the least of your worries if you keep running from me!"
You shivered at his words.
Great. Now he was going to torture you before he ate you.
"Seriously, STOP!"
Huh, he sounded kind of-
The ground slipped away beneath your feet, and you fell into the freezing water.
Your lungs lost any capacity of air from the sheer cold of it.
You heard muffled cursing from above the surface before everything turned to black.
You woke up to see nothing but a reddish-black hue. Were you seriously eaten alive?
You reached out and poked whatever you were in and realized that it was a blanket.
Immediately you ripped it off of you and met face to face with Sans.
You jumped back and cried silently.
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I just thought you were going to eat-"
He offered you what seemed to be water.
"I warned it for you. I figured you wouldn't drink blood."
You didn't take the drink, afraid that he may have laced it with poison.
He rolled his one red eye.
He took a sip and handed it to you again.
You gently reached for it, trying to avoid touching his hand in the process.
As soon as you had a grip, he slowly let go, as if he was trying not to startle you.
You sniffed it curiously before taking a gulp, enjoying how warm it was.
After drinking the whole thing, you looked at him in worry.
"Was I... Supposed to drink it all?"
"It's fine."
He reached out to grab your hand, but you immediately jumped back.
"Oh. Heh. Forgot."
He gestured upstairs.
"There's a shower up there. I don't know if we have any warm water left, but you can try."
You nodded and carefully walked up the stairs.
After taking off you're clothes, you tried to turn the knob to start the water, but it seemed to be jammed. You slipped a towel on and called softly.
"Um... Sans?"
Sans entered slowly.
"Um... It's stuck."
He walked past you, his hand brushing against yours.
He mumbled a quiet apology and twisted the knob with a grunt. Eventually, water began to slowly fall from the shower head.
"Thank you..."
You stared at his hand in wonder. It was... So warm.
He nodded and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

After a quick shower, you wrapped yourself in a towel and prepared to put your old clothes back on, until you heard Sans speak through the door.
"Come outside with the towel on."
You didn't want to, but you'd take that any day over dying.
Walking outside, you were surprised to find Sans handing you a large shirt and some shorts.
"Here. Take my spare clothes. It's cleaner and dryer than what you were wearing."
You nodded reluctantly and took it, went in the bathroom, and came out with the new clothing on.
Sans looked at you for a moment with an unreadable expression.
"Um... It's kind of big on me, honestly... But thank you."
"Huh? Oh, sure, yeah, no problem."
He sat on the couch and winced.
"Are you okay?!"
He looked at you, his one red eye narrowed.
"Why do you care? I took care of you, so get out. I'm done being a babysitter."
He smirked.
"Unless you want to return the favor with... Meat..."
You jumped and shook your head.
"No, but... I can help you."
You walked over and shyly held out your arm.
"You... Can drink some of my blood... If you want to. Just, please be gentle."
His face turned a light shade of red.
"Are you sure about this? I can't promise I will be able to control myself..."
"You saved my life. It's the least I could do."
He nodded and turned your hand palm up.
He licked the underside of your elbow for a moment before biting down on the vein.
You grunted at the pain, but then a strange sensation overtook you.
You couldn't help but stare at Sans's face in wonder.
He looked so... Gentle.
His tongue continued to lap at that one spot, and you were surprised to feel it tickle.
He looked up at you in shock, and seemed to blush even deeper.
Finally, he came to a stop.
You felt yourself about to pass out from the loss of blood.
He immediately bit his finger and held it out to you.
"Here. This will restore your strength."
You shyly sucked on the tip of his finger, surprised by its sweet taste.
"Okay, that's enough."
You held his hand in place and continued to drink it, not caring if it would make him mad.
It tasted so good, and it was the only food you've had access to for days!
Sans shivered a bit and looked away from you, letting you get your fill.
After a while, you noticed that the liquid was slowing to a trickle, so you let him go.
"Sans, I'm so sorry! It just tasted really good..."
He blushed at that and shrugged.
"Whatever. What was so funny earlier?"
"Hm? Oh, nothing."
"Then why were you laughing?"
"Your tongue just tickled a bit, that's all."
He tilted his head a bit.
"Yeah, you know, a sensation that makes you laugh."
"What? Something like that exists?"
He looked genuinely curious now, and you couldn't help but smile.
"C'mere. I'll show you.
You took his hand and pulled a bit.
He shuffled closer.
You slowly reached under his shirt and touched one of his ribs.
"I assume skeletons must be ticklish here."
You scratched your fingernails gently along the structure, feeling him jolt suddenly with an audible grunt, which then dissolved into deep laughter.
"Hehe, you're such a ticklish little skeleton~!"
He covered his face and giggled through his fingers.
Curious as to how he would react, you gently blew air on his neck.
His breath hitched and he let out a small gasp before giggling once more.
You pressed your lips to his neck and blew once more, sending vibrations through his bones.
"Gahahahahahahaha, stahahahahahahap!"
Finally you let him go.
He was still giggling from the tingling sensation and he smiled a bit at you.
"Heh. Are you still scared of me?"
You froze when you realized that you had touched him multiple times now without fear.
"No. No I'm not."
Horrortale!Sans x Reader: Don't Be Afraid

Horrortale belongs to Sour-Apple-Studios! Please check them out! (It is kinda disturbing for some people because of blood and stuff but it's not anything too gory.)
It was pun time.
"Hey Sans. What did the skeleton say to his brother?"
"Tibia honest, I fibula'd. You are very humerus, I'm patelling you!"
Sans snorted and rolled his eyes.
"Aw, you're ribbing me. It takes some serious backbone to tell jokes like that! It takes me a skele-ton of time to get my jokes through some thick skulls!"
"Hehe, what do you gt call a skeletal rooster?"
"A coccyx!"
Sans began laughing way harder than you were used to.
"That's awful, kid!"
"Kid? I'm not a goat!"
Sans laughed even harder.
"Sans, you are in for a baaaaaaaad time if you keep laughing."
Sans clutched his stomach.
"Stahahahahahahap! It's too much!"
"Am I tickling your funny bone?"
"Will you have a bone to pick with me if I keep going?"
Sans's laugh was almost silent now.
You finally stopped and rubbed his back.
"Hahahahaha, are you okay, Sans?"
He gasped and smiled at you.
"Thank you... I really needed that."
"Heh. You're the one who usually makes me laugh, I figured I should return the favor."
You kissed the top of his skull gently.
"You have a really cute smile."
He blushed and chuckled.
"Hehe, thanks, kiddo. I love you."
"I love you too, Sans."
Sans x Reader: Pun Times
This was a request and I can't find it again for the life of me DX
Your stomach growled demandingly.
You tried to push it aside.
You didn't have any money left to buy food.
You spent it all on battle items for training for the Battle Tree.
As soon as you were about to give up and make do with berries and Poké beans, a familiar voice found its way to you.
"Hey. What are you doing out here this late?"
"Wah! Oh, Nanu, you scared me."
He smirked a bit, but didn't comment on it.
"I'm looking for a cheap place to eat... I don't have much money."
"Hmm. Follow me."
He walked away, not looking back.
You followed him curiously.
Eventually, you both came up to a famous restaurant. The problem? It was ultra-mega expensive!
"Nanu, I can't afford this place! The cheapest thing they would sell here is napkins for 1,000 dollars!"
He chuckled a little, and shook his head.
"Don't worry about it. It won't cost you a penny."
"What? Oh! You don't have to pay for me to have dinner! I can eat-"
"I'm not letting you eat Poké beans and stuff like you usually do."
"Well, I could probably stand to lose a few pounds..."
He whipped around and glared at you with such ferocity that for a moment you thought his Pokemon taught him Scary Face.
"No. You're going to eat here and you will like it. I don't care if you want to lose weight. Starving isn't the way."
"But I'll still eat-"
"It doesn't matter. It's too drastic of a change for you're body to handle so suddenly. What would happen if you went from having three heavy meals per day to a couple of beans? Your body would still think you're starving. Take it slow. I'm not gonna make you stuff yourself here. You can eat as much or little as you want, as long as I can tell it's a healthy amount."
It was rather rude, but you had to admit he had a point.
"...Okay. And I'll pay you back."
"You don't-"
"I'm doing it. If you're so intent on me eating, I'm intent on paying you back. If I let you buy me food, you are going to let me pay you back."
He sighed, knowing that once your mind was made up, that was that.
"Fine. Ladies first."
He held the door open for you and motioned for you to come inside.
The waiter was already inside.
"Welcome back, Mr. Nanu! And welcome, Champion! Would you like to sit in the usual place?"
Nanu nodded.
"Excellent! Please follow me."
He led both of you to an outside part of the restaurant with a glass roof so you could see the stars but not be disturbed.
"What can I get you two?"
Nanu made his order calmly and you couldn't really hear what it was. He looked over at you.
"Uh... I'll have what he's having."
"Great! I'll be back with your food shortly. Meanwhile, what drink would you like?"
Nanu spoke for both of you.
"Roserade Tea."
The waiter nodded and went off to get the drinks.
You tilted your head a bit.
"Roserade Tea?"
"Yes. It's delicious and healthy. It is said to improve your mood."
"Are you implying that I'm in a bad mood?"
You pouted.
"Not necessarily. I was just trying to make you lighten up a bit."
"Funny, coming from you."
He smirked a bit and the drinks arrived.
"I hope you enjoy!"
And once more you were both alone.
Nanu took a sip and looked at you expectantly.
You curiously did the same.
You immediately felt a little better.
"Wow... It's really good! It tastes really sweet, too! Yet not too sweet."
Nanu nodded.
"Yeah, that sounds about right."
"So what exactly did we order in regards to food?"
Nanu didn't answer you, instead looking out the glass window and sipping his tea. A hint of his signature smirk was on his face.
Just as you were about to demand an answer the food arrived. And it was your all-time favorite dish!
You smiled in glee and immediately took a bite after the waiter left once more.
"Wow! This is amazing!"
Nanu nodded.
"It's flavored naturally with berries. It is a very healthy meal. It fills you up as well. It's pretty cheap, all things considered. At least, compared to my savings."
You smiled gratefully at him.
"Thanks so much, Nanu! This was really sweet of you!"
Nanu grunted in acknowledgement, and a small blush was on his face.
You giggled, but didn't want to embarrass him in public.
After you had both left, you finally said it.
"You know what, Nanu?"
"You're actually really cute sometimes."
He looked over and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.
Another small blush tinted his pale cheeks.
"What gives you that idea?"
"Hehe. Well, I mean you really care about people, and you're so funny! You are always taking care of me and I wish I could repay you somehow..."
Nanu wordlessly hugged you.
You jumped a bit at first, but then hugged him back in a rather confused way.
He ran his hand over your waist, but then let go and began to walk off.
"Well. See ya."
You were about to chase after him when you felt something in your waist pocket. You pulled out a beautiful heart scale necklace.
You smiled at it and put it on, admiring it's beauty.
You looked up at the stars and sighed.
"Thank you, Nanu."
Nanu x Reader: The Heart Scale
Really just an excuse to write for Nanu but, um, me venting about my depression and eating disorder yaaaaaaay
Pokémon sun and moon are so good-
For the almighty king of plushes

Code paced back and forth, hoping dearly that Red would come home soon. He grasped the present close to his chest and breathed deeply.
He was repeatedly playing scenarios in his head of Red rejecting him. He knew Red wasn't that kind of person, but he couldn't stop his nagging fear.
The small click of the door opening startled Code out of his thoughts.
Red walked in and held out their usual sign.
'Hello, Code.'
Red noticed the box and scribbled on their board again.
'What's that?'
Code stuttered as he tried to keep his cool.
"I-It's a p-present... F-For you..."
An exclamation mark appeared on their mask, and they froze before slowly writing shakily.
'For my birthday?'
Code nodded.
"Yeah. I kind of felt bad about not having a lot of money, but I got what I could for you... I wasn't sure if you would li-"
A small yip interrupted him and Red jumped, almost dropping their board for a second.
'What was that?!'
"Uh... Happy Birthday."
Code cautiously handed them the present.
Red tilted their head and opened it gently.
Red's mask was blank for a moment as they stared inside the box, as if they were trying to process what it was.
Code frowned.
"I didn't have money to buy one, so I just found one on the streets. I hope it doesn't-"
Red made a little squealing noise.
Code's eyes widened.
Red removed the gift from the box.
It was a puppy.
A small husky with bright blue eyes and a hand-crafted heart locket around it.
Red gently removed the locket and opened it, revealing a picture of Code and Red together.
Red was in the center of the picture.
When Red looked at the front of the locket, they noticed a sentence carved out carefully.
It said 'Thank you for being in my life.'
Red sniffed a bit, and a heart appeared on their mask.
They picked up the dog and immediately hugged Code.
The three of them sat there for a moment, just enjoying the moment, until a small snoring noise reached them.
The dog fell asleep.
Code laughed.
"Well, we can't exactly call it 'puppy' forever. Any ideas, 'Mom'?"
Red slapped his arm playfully, smirking behind their mask.
They sat on the couch; just one big, random family.

My love is Red,
The sky is blue.
Have an awesome time, and

(Congrats, Red just got a street puppy. Sorry, Code is broke but he has a heart of gold, he means well please forgive my baby-)
(Here's to another year of memes and hijinks!)
(No joke, that autocorrected to 'bikinis' at first)
(What are you trying to tell me phone)
CODERED: Happy Birthday!
Totally forgot to upload this for Red's Birthday!
Here you go bae~
Morty looked over at Rick, smiling shyly.
"What do you want, Morty? You're giving me a w-weird look."
"Um... W-what was your first kiss l-like Rick?"
"What? Uh, it was alright I guess... We had no f#*^ing idea what we were doing. Well, that's a lie. I knew what I was doing, she didn't."
Morty couldn't quite say why, but he felt a little disheartened to hear that she was a girl. He wasn't into guys, apparently.
"You look disappointed, Morty. What, you wanted more detail about our fun that night?"
Rick smirked.
"Uh no thanks!"
Rick's smirk faded.
"What's wrong with you? B-besides being Jerry's son."
He took a swig of his seemingly endless drink.
"... Rick? Do you have any romance advice?"
Rick almost choked on his drink.
"Really, Morty? I know you're a virgin and all, but Jesus Christ!"
"S-sorry... B-but you're so experienced, and I want your opinion...?"
Morty sounded unsure of what he wanted, but Rick didn't have the strength to say no to him.
"Fine. What's going on in the sad hole that is Morty's world?"
"I have... A crush on an older man..."
"Okay. There's nothing wrong with that. I had a crush on an older guy before."
"Really? But aren't you into girls?"
"Well, yeah, but I'm into everyone honestly."
"So you're... Pansexual?"
Rick nodded.
"Yeah, pretty much."
"Huh... A-anyway, I don't think he will be interested in me..."
"Have you dropped hints?"
"Y'know, compliment him when he does something cool, thank him when he does anything to help you, hang around him a lot, so on."
Morty thought back to his adventures with Rick and looked up at him.
"What if I already dropped hints a-and he still doesn't notice...?"
"Then be more straightforward. Hold his hand or something. 'Accidentally' brush up against him, stuff like that."
"Oh, okay."

Days passed, and Morty told himself that this was the day.
He was going to confess to Rick.
"M-Morty, come here, I need your help with this f%*^ing thing-"
There was a sound that resembled a small explosion.
"Uh... And bring a broom with you."
Morty chuckled a little, grabbing a broom and rushing down to the garage.
"Hey Rick, what was- oh geez."
Rick had taken off his coat, revealing his sweater underneath. It made Rick look... Really cute...
Morty shook his head free of these thoughts and began to sweep up the glass shards, looking anywhere except in Rick's direction.
"Is there a reason you're not wearing your coat, R-Rick?"
"Ugh, yeah. I spilled a chemical on it. The last thing I need is another hole in my liver. Or any other part of my body besides my ass."
Morty snorted in amusement and instantly froze.
Rick smiled, clearly holding back laughter.
"Uh... I... Well... Um..."
Rick finally calmed himself down.
"Eh, it's okay, Morty. I used to snort when I laughed, too."
"You did?"
"Yeah. I sounded like a hog, good Lord."
"Are you laughing at me, Morty?!"
Rick smirked playfully.
"Oh really? Well then, I'll give you something to laugh at."
He grabbed Morty, pushing the broom aside, and began tickling him.
"Waaaahahahahahahait! Rihihihihihick!"
After a bit of rough housing between the two, Morty hugged Rick.
"Thanks, Rick. You're the best. I love you!"
Morty froze, realizing what he just said.
To his relief, Rick smiled.
"I love you too, you little goober."
He took it as a family thing.

Well that could have gone better.
Morty put his phone down when he heard Beth call for him.
"Coming Mom!"

Rick entered the room.
"Hey Mo-"
His eyes were instantly drawn to Morty's phone.
It had just received a text from Summer.
He picked it up and unlocked it.
It said 'when r u gonna tell him lol'
Looking at the beginning of the text history, Rick froze.
'OMG Summer help I think I have a crush on Rick'
Rick immediately began to search his whole phone.
"Morty... How long have you-"
"Okay Mom!"
Morty walked right into Rick.
"Oh hey Rick. What're you doing with my phone...?"
"You had an update..."
Rick sounded drained; his voice wasn't as energetic as usual.
"Uh... Okay cool thanks."
Rick handed him his phone and immediately made a beeline for the garage.

"Morty. Come in here."
"Rick, it's like midnight, can't it wait-"
"Get. In. Here."
"Okay, geez..."
Morty took one look at the computer behind Rick, and knew exactly what was going on.
"Rick... Is that my phone history on the computer...?"
"Yes. It is."
"You... You LIED to me!"
"So did you."
"Why didn't you tell me?! Morty!"
"I-I'm sorry! I thought-"
"No, Morty, you didn't. You didn't think."
"You. It's all about you, isn't it?! That's what this is about! Think about someone else for once, Morty! THINK OF HOW I FEEL!!"
"Then tell me, Rick. Tell me how you feel."
Morty felt tears stinging his eyes, and sliding down his face, waiting for the inevitable rant of how wrong this love was.
"You don't deserve someone like me. You can do better than that."
Morty looked up in shock.
"I'm a disgusting old guy who drinks and tortures the family by existing. The only love I had was an alien entity that vomited in people's mouths to possess them. I was married to someone I hated. I failed to raise Beth. I failed Birdperson. I failed my parents. I... I failed you, Morty..."
"Rick... No. You haven't failed anyone. You're smart, funny, kind, and generous! Do you really think I just let you drag me on all these crazy adventures?! I love you, Rick, and I trust you. The real you."
Rick's eyes began to waver. He averted his gaze back to the computer, and read through everything that Morty said about him.
His shoulders began to shake as his tough facade crumbled.
Rick began to sob, covering his face with his hands.
Morty walked up behind him and rubbed his back.
"H-hey, hold on there Morty..."
"M-Maybe we should call it quits for one day, huh?"
"Yeah, I guess... I am kind of tired..."
Rick smiled gently.
"Well, you can sleep in here with me if you want."
They both laid down in bed, and Morty hugged Rick close, muttering sweetly.
"I love you..."
"I love you too, Morty."
Rick X Morty (Romantic): Crush
This is how I picture Rickmorty.
Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I figured that you guys deserve to know where I have been and what I've been doing, so here it is.

I haven't quit DeviantArt, so don't worry about that. I will hopefully be working on a Tumblr where you guys can ask me questions easier and so I can here you guys' thoughts and stuff.

Now on to what happened.

Last Thursday, I passed out and stopped breathing for a solid minute. I was sent to the hospital and kept there for quite a while. They recommended me to a whole bunch of specialists to figure out what happened. As I type this, I am at home recovering with a heart monitor attached to me. I am safe and drinking plenty of fluids. Unfortunately, my thoughts here may be a bit jumbled. I am typing this half-asleep. I haven't slept very well in a while. These heart monitors are not fun to sleep with, that's for sure.

I have been reading your comments, and they are honestly the highlights of my days lately.

Anyway, the doctors think it's a mix of my anxiety and asthma. The anxiety causes me to hyperventilate, and due to that, my asthma kicks in as well, resulting in a sharp fall of blood pressure and thus causing me to faint. Maybe the doctors and insurance will actually prescribe the crap I need now haha.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving and be grateful for your life, please! God knows my family thought I almost lost mine, even though doctors say I'm fine. Stay safe, everyone!


I was in the hospital for a while, but I'm fine and at home and recovering.


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I am just a normal girl that fangirls and hopes to make all you peoples happy. XD

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